Learn Why Eating Taboo Foods May be Healthy for You

Bacon, and egg, and salt on a cutting board

There are many so-called bad foods for you that many of us are familiar with, including but not limited to eggs, red meat, and salt. However, what if we told you that these “taboo” foods are actually not bad for you? Today, we go over which taboo foods might actually be healthy for you.

Do Eggs Cause Heart Disease?

For several decades eggs have gotten a bad reputation and have been wrongly accused of causing heart disease. Many people avoid eating eggs or eat just the white part of eggs to “cut out the bad fat.” Studies have shown that eating whole eggs does not increase your risk of heart disease. In fact, eggs are considered one of the most complete protein source that you can consume.

The egg is used as the gold standard for judging the quality of proteins in other foods. In Asian countries, eggs are considered brain food because they provide sulphur-containing proteins that contain a high amount of L-tyrosine, which is the precursor to stimulatory neurotransmitters in the brain. This enforces high levels of mental focus and concentration. So, the next time you pass on scrambled eggs or order an egg white omelet, just remember that whole eggs are heart healthy and a brain energizer.

Is Red Meat Bad for You?

It’s a phrase many people believe in, “I’m trying to be healthy so I’m not eating red meat”. In actuality, if you are not eating red meat you’re not getting nutrients that can improve your health, energy, and vitality. Remember that meat is condensed nutrition. Red meat provides us with complete proteins including the amino acids: cysteine, taurine, and carnitine. These amino acids are important for neurotransmitters in the brain, healthy eyes, and a healthy heart. It is also provides us with coenzyme Q10 which is an important nutrient for cardiovascular health.

Beef offers important minerals and vitamins such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. The main reason “health conscious” people avoid red meat is because of the fat content. Unfortunately, the anti-saturated fat propaganda has been successful in deterring people from eating red meat. What most people fail to understand is that red meat is not only composed of saturated fat. It also is composed of essential fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

Saturated fat is important for our immune system, provides anti-microbial fat for our digestive tract and provides energy for cells. Essential fatty acids are important fatty acids that protect us from chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. CLA is a fat that protects us from cancer and is also promoted as a weight loss supplement. Yes, eat fat and you will lose fat! The only beef that contains high quality saturated fat, essential fatty acids, and has CLA is organic grass-fed beef. If you are purchasing beef that is conventionally raised (i.e. grain fed, injected with anti-biotics and growth hormone and raised in feed lots) you will not be getting any essential fatty acids or CLA. The red meat can only be as good as what the cow ate. So, take advantage of the health benefits of red meat and buy organic grass fed beef. You will have better energy, protect yourself from diseases, lose weight and better yet, it will taste great!

Is it Healthy to Eat Full Fat Foods?

Go for the full fat yogurt as oppose to the non fat, low fat, or reduced fat version. If you think you are actually doing your body a favor by eating foods with the “less fat” label think again. Did you know that in order for food companies to make a product non fat, they have to replace the fat with sugar or artificial sweeteners?

Everybody knows that eating too much sugar can cause rapid weight gain and isn’t good for your health. This means non fat could actually make you fat. Fat is an important macronutrient for many reasons. It’s important because every single cell of our body is made up of phospholipids (i.e. fat). Fat supports our immune system, it aides us with weight loss, and satiates us after eating a meal. Let’s face it: low fat diets don’t work. If you eat a meal without any fat, you will be hungry within an hour. That is not good if your goal is weight loss. The next time you have the choice of low fat or full fat, choose the full fat version. You will be satiated and best of all you’ll enjoy the taste.

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